John 21 & 20

Jesus gets resurrected from the dead. Jesus goes to the disciples and says peace be with you. Jesus isn’t there to see one of the disciples Thomas, so when that disciple returned they are just like we have seen Jesus but he didn’t believe. Then Jesus returns one week later and then Tomas believes.

Jesus is a person that no one should doubt, so basically believe everything anyone says. This stutters me because Jesus says that you should believe, but how can you without evidence. I am s believer of God and go to church often.


Simon Peter says he is going fishing but never caught anything. Then Jesus performed yet another miracle catching many fish. This is Jesus’s third time being seen after the resurrection. Jesus says to Simon Peter “Do you love me” Then Jesus says take my sheep. He also hinted Simon peters death. Jesus says if I want him to live, I will keep him alive, or something like that. That was hinting to John.

Jesus is sometimes a very strange man, he hints about the future but stops nothing. I refer to him as a lamb, he gave himself up for us but doesn’t always make sense- Very bad example. Jesus also is very nice

John Chapter 18 & chapter 19

Jesus knew everything that was going to happen. Jesus was taken to the high priest and then taken by the Jewish authorities to pilot. Pilot asks who do you want to be set free the king of the Jews or Barbarous. Pilot wants to set him free but the crowd gets angry.

This for me is a mindfut or ulta-pulta because Jesus knew all of this was going to happen but didn’t do anything to stop it. This plays with me because why was this Gods.

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Jesus gets whipped and beaten. Pilot still wants to know if they wanted him dead. The crowd responds “crucify him”. Pilot tried to find a way to set Jesus free. Jesus was to be crucified. Jesus had to carry his cross. I am thirsty was what he said to make the scriptures come true.  Jesus is then buried.

This is a pretty straight forward passage.

JoHn Ch@psticker 14-17

At a house Jesus preeches “Believe in me and believe in God”. Jesus says a long speech about random touching things. Jesus say you will be judged by the holy spirit and tells them to love on another. He also says that he isn’t going to be around for much longer. Jesus says I a the vine and you are my branches. Jesus says to the diciples that people hate me and that its not good. It is better if he goes away so that the helper will save them. There diciples were extremely depressed. Jesus then blesses them. Jesus predicts that christian will be hated because of him. He overcame the world and he is more powerful. In chapter 17 Jesus prays for his disciples and not only them but christians.


You just have to believe in him you cannot be neutral. Jesus keeps hinting about his resurection but doesn’t come clean. Jesus keeps using metaphor which people don’t understand. Why is this spread over 4 chapters!`

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Jone Ch@pt3r 13

Jesus washes the feet of the disciples but later reveals that he will be betrayed then killed. Jesus want them to love one another. Peter to Jesus “I am will to die for you” Jesus then replies saying soon you will reply three times denying that he knows him`.


Why did he take his clothes off to wash there feet. Did the disciples even take showers back then because its kinda dirty. That was awkward for Peter what would he have felt and then why did he still do it. Jesus was serving the disciples. Love one another because then they will be like Jesus.

Relion says do

Christianity says done


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John Chapter 3L3V3N & & 7W3lV3

A man named Lazurus became sick and died so Jesus went to see him. So Jesus resurected him. So people saw of this miracle and told the pharisses, they then wanted to kill him even more.


Why did Jesus not save him quicker instead of letting the people moarn? Instead he should of just helped him.



Days before the passover he went to Bethany to see Lazurus and when the people heard they wnt to see him. Mary washes

John Chapter N1N3 & T3N

Jesus walks  and finds a blind man; he tells his disciples it is not him or his parents who are responsible for his blindness, it was God who did to show off Gods work. Jesus cures him and he tells the authorities and the man preeches to them about Jesus, in the end Jesus asked to you believe the “Son of Man” and he replies I believe. Jesus says to the people I have come because there are those who can see and those who are blind.


This is very strange as they the authorities are extremely loyal; but then saying, if someone told me that they are son of man I probably wouldn’t believe because I would stay loyal to Jesus.


Jesus starts using metaphors on us saying he is the good shepard. But the crowd starts getting angry even threatening to stone him saying that he is blatpheming God. Jesus still preeches though. Jesus fleds and goes across the Jordan to where John was baptizing in the early days.

The people are still confused “Is he for real”, “Is he crazy”.

John Chapter 7

He says to the people that he is the Son of Man, they strongly reject him. So they bring a women to testify him and he tells them ” If you have never committed a sin you will be the first to throw the rock”. The authorities want to kill him, but don’t at the same time. So Jesus starts to teach at the temple.

I think that this chapter is “suggestive”… First of all it is full of repetitive things like saying He is son of man. People do not believe that Jesus is the son of man but still preaches the word.

As humans we do not believe things just like that until we see it in real life. So I think if Jesus really wanted people to believe he should have performed a miracle. If they believe.



Jesus helps a man walk because he was paralyzed

Jesus heals a man at the pool (Shmoop Editorial Team)

He  then preaches to the religious people that he is the son of man.

In the night, Jesus walked on water.


5000 People

The miracle when Jesus feeds many with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish

He chooses disciples


Jesus has performed many miracles.

John (h^9t3r }

Jesus teaches Nicodemus

Jesus tells Nicodemus that men must be born again—God so loved the world that He sent His Only Begotten Son to save men—John the Baptist testifies that he that believes on the Son has everlasting life. (, 2016) He came from heaven and Jesus is son of man.

Son of man= I am the one in Daniel’s vision The David king who everyone will worship God. He is not the one Jesus is greater than him. God is angry at us if we don’t believe in Jesus. So Gods Roth will overcome us if we don’t believe.

JOHN (h@PT3R 2&3

I wasn’t here

Jesus made water into wine. Jesus left to a black market. He got really mad. So he clears the Temple Courts. He made it clear that he didn’t want them to make the temple courts a temple. Stop turning my Father’s house into a market.

John wants us to learn that…

I didn’t understand what is wrong with Jesus, why was he angry.


Jesus teaches Nicomedus stuff like the kingdom of God

Pharisee= a Jewish teacher of God’s Law.

Synagogue: scriptures read, sing, prayer.

Rabbi= teacher